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Our birdseed is purchased directly from a mill in Colorado where it is packaged to order. This means that all our seed is fresh and not stored for long periods of time in a warehouse somewhere. All the seed is natural and triple cleaned to insure it is free of dust and foreign material. It is also nitrogen flushed to aid in bug infestation. Big box stores cannot make this claim.

Our suet and seed cakes are of the no melt variety which helps insure that our hot summers don’t destroy them.

We also have knowledge to help you decide what seed is best for you.

bird seed blend
15-20 lb pre-mixed blends
bird seed fruit and nut blend
20 lb. Fruit and Nut blend
single seed bird food
5 lb. Single seeds
bird food hot meets to deter squirrels
5 lb hot meats to deter squirrels
bird food suet cakes
Large selection of various suet cakes
woodpecker suet cakes bird food
Woodpecker and nut cakes


Visit our store on the Old Jacksonville Hwy, halfway between Gresham and Flint.

17968 FM 2493, Flint TX 75762

(903) 954-2518

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Store Hours:
Closed Sunday and Monday
Tues-Friday 10am - 3pm
Saturday 10am - 2pm

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