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Even though summer is here, our feathered friends will be still be hungry for some high-energy food for their new generation of offspring. We carry select bird food products, including quality seed and blends, and suet cakes for attracting and feeding a wide range of bird species.

Keep your bird bath clean and filled. You do not want to breed mosquitoes, and birds of every kind will appreciate the fresh drink and opportunity to splash around to cool off and clean up. We carry an assortment of attractive bird baths to enhance your yard and please the birds.

Hummingbirds are flocking to feeders - we carry some attractive, very functional and easy-to-clean hummingbird feeders.

new shipment of hanging baskets
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    New shipment of beautiful hanging baskets.
  • bird poop candy.jpg
    Just got in our BIRD POOP! It’s hand made chocolate nut toffee candy and it is DELICIOUS! It is made in Oregon at Columbia Empire Farms. COME IN FOR A SAMPLE! Fun gift for your favorite bird lover!
  • LEDjellyfish.jpg
    Jellyfish and octopus glass with changing LED light stands. Can be used as night lights, desk paperweights, or simply beautiful display in bookshelves or mantles.
  • woodcarvings1.jpg
    Beautiful hand-carved & painted birds by local artist Jerry Crites

Large Selection of Quality Pots, Garden Clocks & Jellybean Indoor/Outdoor machine-washable rugs

Check out our new clocks.
Jellybean Indoor / Outdoor Rugs - machine washable!
New Selection of pottery

Stock up on supplies and gifts for your birds and garden.

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